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I don't really know where to start with this one, but my gorgeous bundle was born on 22.04.20 :)

Is it what I expected? Yes and no. I am sure you have all heard people say, its a different type of love and they are so right, it is! I don't think anything prepares you for the feeling of holding your baby for the very first time. I mean, after that it all becomes a blur for a few days when the no sleep hits (lol). Having a baby in the middle of a pandemic had its challenges, I always imagined how it would be when I gave birth and to have it taken out of your control is disheartening but I know that applies to alot of people for all sorts of situatons this year.

My main struggle now is definitely trying to balance being a mum and going to work. I remember being pregnant people would ask "how will you juggle it all" and my answer was always "it will be fineeee" but you really don't realise how much of a task it is until they are here. To all you single mum's that are still working, I salute you (seriously, i do). I feel blessed to have the most amazing family and friends that do help when they can, but that doesn't take away the mum guilt!

This year has been difficult for everyone to say the least, but it has put alot of things into perspective, to be able to of had a baby in the middle of a pandemic is not something alot of people can say ( to be honest its just as dramatic as I am, lol) but it is totally worth it!

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