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Beauty Essentials For Chester Races

It's that time of year again, spring is here and Chester races have begun! You and the girls have your tickets, your ready for a full day out drinking too much (responsibly) and losing your hard earned money on the 'Tips' you were given from that guy who pretends to know the owners, or if you're like us, picking 50/1 horses with the funniest sounding names.

Chester races are, as you know, a big event in Chester, it attracts thousands of people coming from all over the country, and it's essential that you look better than everyone else.

Firstly, make sure you book in with The Studio well in advance, as we're often mad busy glamming up as many people as we can.

But as you know, the weather at Chester races is unpredictable, so it's vital that you take extra precautions to ensure your makeup stays on all day long!

Beauty Essentials For Chester Races
Beauty Essentials For Chester Races

We've compiled a list of essentials you need to take with you in order to stay looking your best. There's no point spending all that money to look you're best for it to be halfway down your face an hour into the day, here's what we recommend:

1. Hairspray

Don't spend hours on your hair for it to be ruined as soon as there's a bit of rain, which in Chester, is more than likely. Take a good small strong hair spray to ensure your hair stays perfect all day long!

2. Use setting powder on your makeup

Setting powder will ensure your foundation lasts all day long and is a great way to avoid shine should you be sweating on race result!

3. Waterproof Mascara

Great to keep your eyes protected if its raining or if you're just squinting too much from the sun.

Beauty Essentials For Chester Races
Beauty Essentials For Chester Races

4. Antiperspirant

Buy a small travel size Antiperspirant to take with you in your bag, trust us, it's a lifesaver.

5. Gel insoles

New heels? see how your feet feel after standing at the races for 8 hours, buy a pair of gel insoles to put in your shoes, they cost next to nothing and there invisible once therein.

6. Blotting Paper

Take blotting paper with you to dab away any shine.

There just a few tips from us if you're looking at going to Chester races this year, can you think of any more? share your tips in the comment section.

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