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My Advice to Start ups

Hi All

Apologies for the delay in posting this but life got in the way! I did a little vote on my Instagram and you guys voted for advice so here I am.

I will be honest there isn’t too much to it besides

do not give up! When you have an idea in your head, there will be a lot of people who tell you your silly or that it won’t work and maybe it won’t work but why wouldnt you try? If it doesn’t then you change your plan and keep doing so until it does.

When I first started doing make up I didn’t think I would be doing what I am now, from night out glam to modelling competitions and photoshoots, only you know what you are capable of.

Before you start anything you need to think

  1. What is it you want to achieve I?

  2. Who or what type of audience/clientele are you aiming for?

  3. Whats your budget (be realistic, work with what you have)

  4. Plan and research!!

I would honestly write those things down and read over every single day, make a dream board and put pictures of your ideas everywhere, you need to be able to vision where you want to be.

Remember everyone starts somewhere and that is ok, it takes time and alot of back and forth to get what you want to be ❤️

I hope this comes in handy for those who asked and if you have any questions or want to know a little more feel free to message.



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