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Where it began....

I have to say it’s been a while since we done a blog on here so thought we would do a blog on how we met (Lauren & Naomi) and how we started out.

So many of you ask “ what made you start your own business” ..... in all honesty we didn’t plan it, we took a leap of faith, hoping for the best.

We met around 6years ago working in Michael Kors where we just clicked straight away, we had both studied beauty in college, we had a passion for the industry and Naomi had worked for Esteee Lauder so knew a lot about make up etc.

Throughout the last few years we probably worked together for about 2 years until we decided we wanted a change, Lauren left to work in an office job and Naomi worked in another retail store.

Its safe to say we got bored very quickly.

Back in August 2017 Lauren decided it was time for a change, did a course in make up, quit her job and rented a room in another salon.

It got to around November time and Naomi came across a shop in Chester. We talked about it, viewed it together, and the rest is history.

We had no savings, no idea how we were going to do it but stayed positive 😂 ..... I think we can both say it’s the best thing we ever did.

This post didn’t exactly go to plan but I hope it gives you some motivation to go after what you want in life, there is never a right timing!

If you like to know more than please message

Lots of love

The Studio

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